Rev. Steven Khoury-No Stranger to Persecution
By C. McLean | Added April 5, 2012

Rev. Steven Khoury-No Stranger to Persecution
By C. Mclean | Added April 5, 2012

Rev. Khoury is Pastor of Calvary Jerusalem Ministries in the predominantly Muslim neighborhood of Beit Haninah,just outside the Old City walls.On Sunday , March 11th he spoke to the Yad b' Yad audiance at the Albuquerque Jewish Community Center. Made possible in large part by one of Israel's largest Christian Zionist organizations, International Christian Embassy Jerusalem (ICEJ), the event shed light on an often overlooked subject of religious persecution of Arab PalestinianChristians.

Rev. Khoury is the youngest locally ordained Arab pastor in the region and writes for Al-Quids, the largest Arabic newspaper in the Holy Land. His evangelical church is an extention of the 30 year work of the Bethlehem church founded by his father, Dr. Naim Khoury.No stranger to persecution he grew up in Bethlehem where he witnessed church members being attacked and even killed for their faith.

Those in attendance listened intently as he recounted stories of violence against his family and community as well as those of warm outreach and people coming to faith in the face of adversity.The pastor called for love, forgiveness and acts of peace extended to others, regardless of your perception of them. He says he has been called ''a traitor, a Zionist, and accused of being paid ''to say he supports Israel. While he didnt wish to espouse any political views he did state that he is passionate that Jerusalem should never be divided and Israel''has a soverign right to stand.'' This he said is not a political, but a biblical mandate.

Khoury is author of Diplomatic Christianity:Standing in the Shadow of Tomorrow's Persecution , and also speaks for Voice of The Martyrs on the suffering of Arab Palestinian believers. Yad b' Yad was joined by The Jewish Federation of N.M., the Holocaust Museum and theNew Mexico Human Rights Project in sponsoring Rev. Khoury visit to the J.C.C.

Pastor Khoury challenged his hearers by saying, ''What distinguishes us from one another is what we will do (''to be peace-makers) here and in Israel''.

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