Somber anniversary observed
By CmcL | Added January 28, 2012

A few weeks before the anniversary of Wannsee, Susie and some of her group members gathered a list of Jewish synagogues and organizations in New Mexico. They prepared lovely bouquets of flowers and sent them to these Jewish groups with the following note attached.

Dear Friends,

On this day seventy years ago, eleven million Jews were issued a death sentence during a brief luncheon meeting at a beautiful villa on the Wannsee Lake outside Berlin.

The fifteen senior Nazi bureaucrats enjoyed a delectable meal followed by a brandy as they deliberated a ghastly plan to eradicate the Jews of Europe. All in attendance were well educated; more than half of them had doctorate degrees. Some were even the sons of Protestant clergy, yet not one of them voiced any moral misgivings to the heinous plot outlined to systematically murder all the Jews of Europe.

All of this is history of course—history you know better than we.

But the 70th Anniversary of the infamous Wannsee Conference seemed a fitting time to express our deep regret for the two thousand years of tragic history between our faith communities that culminated in the Holocaust. We seek to reverse that history and pledge to stand with Israel and the Jewish people. We will teach the truth about Israel and fight Antisemitism. Thank you for the innumerable contributions your people have made to better our world. Thank you for making Albuquerque your home. May you be richly blessed and highly favored in 2012.

Your Christian Friends,

YAD B’YAD and Hoffmantown’s Sandager Adult Sunday School Class